About the band

With a clear vision Heartbound renews their vow. Germany's own heavy hitters remain true to their vertiginous grit and create their own cosmos; for everyone to see. 

Following up on the early success of touring Europe with Aviana & Awake The Dreamer as well as supporting Betraying The Martyrs and Imminence, 2020's 'Nova Prospect' released before waking up in the midst of a worldwide pandemic.

Completing their new lineup and establishing their independence, the progressive Metalcore act is set to release their sophomore EP in 2023 to the world - making them one of the bands to keep your eyes on.


"Dark Glass" Single

Heartbound are proud to release their ferocious banger “Dark Glass” with an all new holistic approach. The Hamburg, Germany based heavy hitters return from their lockdown hiatus to step up their game. “Dark Glass” blends an encouraging motif with modern Metalcore aggression and heartfelt Lyrics.

With their best songwriting to date as well as a fresh sound & lineup, the band's returned - and moved beyond!



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Dark Glass EP Cover