HEARTBOUND is a five-piece melodic metalcore/djent band from Hamburg, Germany.

Previously signed to REDFIELD RECORDS, the band has developed from their original rather straightforward metalcore sound to a more down-tuned, djent-heavy vibe, which is reflected in their seminal & independently published release NOVA PROSPECT.

Following up to their initial 2017 release WEIGHTLESS and having embarked on a European tour of supporting AVIANA & AWAKE THE DREAMER, the band is ready to up their game with all-new material and a solidified line-up in 2020.


Ripe with discourse around human fallacies regarding one's own mortality, societal decline, impending economic havoc and traumatizing events, NOVA PROSPECT channels fatalist perspectives the band has indulged dealing with various events trying both the band and its members individually in their recent past.

To match this thematic scape sonically, the band switched to a lower tuning and more intricate rhythmic patterns, emerging with a more contemporary & djent-y sound than their previous effort "Weightless".

With their best songwriting to date as well as a fresh sound & lineup, the band's returned - and moved beyond!


Following the independent release of NOVA PROSPECT as well as at least 3 accompanying music videos, record release shows and promo campaigns, the band is planning to resume regular live & touring activities as well as release new music around Q3 and cooperate with interested parties for distribution, booking and management.



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